We help data rich brands
bring new digital products
to market

About Us

Data is the building material of the 21st century business, but many companies feel deluged by it and frustrated with their inability to harness it.


We work with organisations such as Google, Nikkei, and UEFA to create new digital products and propositions. We work with large corporations and startups to build something new or improve what they already have. We work with in-house teams, complementing their domain knowledge with our experience in data products across many diverse sectors.


We see the following challenges to brands and organisations in 2017:

  • Data, data, everywhere. There is no shortage of data or analytics available, the challenge is in how it is communicated to different customers, both inside and outside a business.
  • The ‘so what?’ factor. B2B and B2C organisations are not maximising the potential insights and impact of their data and data-powered products
  • Competitive distinction. Brand distinction is unclear in most organisations’ digital products. Each business strives for a point of difference and these should reflect in their digital services from priority features to behaviour.
  • Learning from start-ups. Digital products are often developed in slow, inefficient ways. Invention should happen quicker and be measured better.
  • Human factors. A lack of understanding of different users’ needs at the point of consumption is not the priority for many business functions. The voice of the customer is a critical voice in the room.
  • The long-enough view. There is no product roadmap that iterates with market demands. Some product cultures have optimised weekly, incremental delivery to the detriment of a distinct offer. A roadmap is a tangible instrument to drive strategy whilst maintaining delivery.
  • Expertise required. Companies cannot go for answers to the above from their traditional over-specialised, inexperienced agency networks. We’ve been working at the sharp end of digital information products for 20 years. Our experience is why they come to us. Get in touch.

Our Approach

While we don’t have a rigid methodology, we do believe in process as a way to anchor each project.


Starting with scoping and research, we work to identify key differentiating factors for every client and project. We do this by combining specialist digital product and service design with an in-depth understanding of what impact businesses want to achieve with their data.


This creates options that are prioritised in a roadmap.

From there, we use an iterative design process  to work on the quicker deliverables and then the ongoing valuable services too. Testing all the way and helping our clients engage and educate their stakeholders, this delivers a product ready-for-market.


Below is a summary of how we work. Do get in touch to learn more.

Approach: Discovery


Every project begins with a brief scoping session. This prioritises business problems and lets us suggest the right engagement.

Then, research and synthesis sets the parameters for the roadmap and design work that follows and makes sure we start with a strong foundation. Some methods used are:

Approach: Design


All projects stem from a product roadmap that lets the client prioritise the options. We help clients communicate the roadmap and approach to their stakeholders. This is alongside starting a process of rapid prototyping that focusses design work on the most important priorities and then testing them with users to validate our assumptions.

Approach: Delivery


As prototyping phases progress, we collaborate with engineering teams on the first version of built product. We also work with clients to steward the roadmap strategy forward, maybe changing some of the initial assumptions in light of new research. The principles we create at the roadmap stage are important here - to guide the product through subsequent phases.


The team is led by Max Gadney, Mike Gallagher, and Nick Cross.


Max founded the company in 2012 after 10 years at the BBC where he led the design of the award winning BBC News website. He changed how the BBC measured it’s website as well as commissioning digital projects in BBC Vision. Max especially enjoys the process of understanding a company's unique outlook and offering and how that can be represented in digital products.


Mike is our Design Director. He joined After the Flood from the leading information design firm Dubberly Design Office in San Francisco (working for Amazon, Zite, and Alere) and 3 years teaching design at UPenn, Rutgers, and Yale. He brings a critical visual eye honed at 2 x 4, with Michael Rock in NYC.

Nick is After the Flood’s Chair, bringing extensive experience of brand strategy consulting, implementation and executive leadership for organisations going through change in banking, retail, media, arts, culture, and government.


We are always on the look out for designers so get in touch if you’d like to work with us.