We solve business problems
with design and data

About Us

Data is the building material of the 21st Century business, but many companies are struggling to use it effectively. They feel deluged by data or frustrated with their inability to harness it.


By transforming data into a meaningful story we help our partners understand their markets and themselves better.


We do this by combining specialist digital product and service design with an in-depth  understanding of what impact businesses want to achieve with their data.


We work with businesses who create their own data and want to amplify its value to customers and employees, as well as businesses that use commonly accessible data and want a differentiated customer experience.


Our work with organisations such as the BBC, Redburn, UEFA and Tesco means we bring cross-sector insights to the business problem.

Our Approach

While we don’t have a rigid methodology, we do believe in process as a way to anchor each project. Starting from a foundation of research, we work to identify key differentiating factors for every client and project. From there, we use an iterative design process that leads to a product that is tested and ready-for-market.

Approach: Discovery


Every project begins with a period of research where we seek out enough information to fully grasp the problem at hand. This phase sets the tone for the design work that follows and makes sure we start with a strong foundation. Some methods used are:

Approach: Design


Our design process is built around collaboration and iteration. We like to work closely with clients and thrive on feedback. Project stages of create, test, evaluate, and repeat make up an essential feedback loop for developing the best possible work. Some examples of specific models of working include:

Approach: Delivery


Project delivery is about providing results. Often our work results in complete digital products, but we also help clients by inventing new data or new ways of using the data they already have. We also deliver strategic frameworks to help clients better understand the context of their business by seeing disparate products visualised as a whole service.


The team is led by Max Gadney, Mike Gallagher, and Nick Cross.


Max founded the company in 2012 after 10 years at the BBC where he led the design of the award winning BBC News website. He changed how the BBC measured it’s website as well as commissioning digital projects in BBC Vision.

Mike is our lead designer. He joined After the Flood from the leading information design firm Dubberly Design Office in San Francisco (working for Amazon, Zite, and Alere) and 3 years teaching design at UPenn, Rutgers, and Yale.

Nick is After the Flood’s Chair, bringing extensive experience of brand strategy consulting, implementation and executive leadership for organisations going through change in banking, retail, media, arts, culture, and government.