The Playbook is how we record and improve our methods – it is a catalogue of updated frameworks and processes that we use to solve design problems.

Corporate Cartography

At the start of a project, we seek to understand users and their needs. Of course these needs are both tangible and also emotional – this is explained in Emotional Personas. As part of the research process, we seek to understand the social and professional networks of the users too:

  • Who are the people they need to influence and affect?
  • Who holds data that they need to access?
  • Who are the key influencers in their network?

Only by understanding the relationships within a company can you understand the workings of the company.

This research is done mainly using depth interviews – half an hour or one hour of one-to-one interviews. This yields a lot of insight. We make sense of the network data by mapping the users and their relative positions in the company. This may be a literal mapping to hierarchies – or more abstract social mapping. On top of these ‘maps’ we sketch key reporting and communications lines. Once we have this data, we can then add Social Design features that allow insight sharing, credit and collaboration for users of the products we develop.