The Playbook is how we record and improve our methods – it is a catalogue of updated frameworks and processes that we use to solve design problems.

Data Prototyping

When we start a project, we look to understand three key themes. Put very simply, these are:

  • Users: who are they and what are their needs?
  • Business: how does this business compete?
  • Technology: what are we able to do?

The final question invariably involves the data that we need to use. We need to examine and play with the data in order to sculpt early ideas and test what it can and cannot do. Data prototyping involves a technologist and a designer working together to work out what the product and visualisation options might be and then rapidly testing these to see what comes out. This allows us to test hypotheses of every scale – from small widgets to the whole service, what the user expectations are, or what the parameters of visualisations should be. Prototyping also lets us set expectations with the client teams about what can and cannot be done at various stages.

Testing the data allows us to see if everything that we need is there, but also where room for innovation may lie, especially if the client wants to do something new and unique. This is especially appropriate if we are making new data or Branded Data from their data source.