The Playbook is how we record and improve our methods – it is a catalogue of updated frameworks and processes that we use to solve design problems.

Branded Data

We often work with clients who need to do something new, but without access to different data than their competition. This certainly applies to sports sponsors and organizations who don’t collect the data themselves, but instead have access to feeds. In such cases, we create new data to help them tell their unique story.

We first run workshops to understand their brand distinction and their audience needs. During the brand distinction conversation we will hear something that we can seize on and use. This might be focusing on certain dimensions or it might mean creating new data as we did with UEFA. An example of this we could be working for an automobile brand who wants to do a campaign based on their brand value of ‘protection’ for a competition such as the Rugby World Cup. We would look for data that was about safety, defence, and teamwork. We might also make a new KPI that players and teams could be scored against. This new, unique data creates new insights that enagage fans in genuine, sports-relevant information.

This strategy also works for finance, where you may have an app for macro-economists. Working with standard market data, we would look for the right tags and connections between stocks and sectors that spoke to their need for a connected overview. This is then what is designed. Meaning first, visual design second. Creating new data is creating original meaning.

Once you have new meaning and content, original design and visualization can follow. As with all projects, we look for original meaning and then apply design to that.