The Playbook is how we record and improve our methods – it is a catalogue of updated frameworks and processes that we use to solve design problems.

Service Frameworks

Service frameworks show a complete picture of all channels, users, and data within a system.

Increasingly we are designing services – linked channels serving the needs of different users as they move across different contexts of use (e.g. an analytics app that shows a large overview on desktop and also knows which users need specific alerts on mobile). 


In showing the whole systems, clients can:

  • See how the needs of different users are met by different parts of the system (e.g. mobile or helpdesk channel)
  • See what different flows of data are required for different channels
  • Prioritise where to start a programme of work
  • See where efficiencies occur through publishing multi-platform data once across many channels (e.g. chart annotations written once, working in reports, feeds, social, and mobile)

​The service framework often starts as a simple diagram to show the parameters of the service but then gains detail as channels are developed.