After the flood Optic Equity Research System

Optic Equity Research System

“How can we digitise our products to reach more clients?”



The Problem

Move the business to digital publishing of full equity research service

Our Solution

‘Optic’ Digital Note System: market first for Sm/Md investment bank


Increase in reputation and publicity, CEO interviewed in The Times, commission votes on rise (launching soon)

“How can we digitise our products to reach more clients?”

After the Flood built Optic, a new prototype publishing system to produce equity analysis media for Liberum’s fund manager clients. 

Fund managers typically receive thousands of emails every day advising on stock recommendations and more general research. Most get ignored due to high volume and dull content, so there was an opportunity to cut through with a useful and usable digital product.

Digital publishing has come late to the financial sector. The big banks (‘bulge bracket’ as they are known) have engineering teams that make their own products. Other banks are served by a small cadre of suppliers whose offerings often fail to innovate in user need and modern technology. Liberum wanted to work with people who had worked in other sectors – to bring some of that experience to their project.

We cannot go into detail about product features as Optic is in build-phase, but some of the key points of this project were:

  • We learned in depth about the financial sector and the world of equity analysis. Key to this was understanding the needs and motivations of the fund managers who consume the research produced by analysts.
  • We developed a strong iterative design cycle both with the bank and their customers. Liberum were great at making decisions when we needed them. This was a project where the client was not the end customer and Liberum allowed us good access to institutional fund managers.
  • We needed to demonstrate a degree of domain credibility quickly. Equity analysts are like journalists – they can sniff BS a mile away – and so we were delighted when we were having robust discussions with them and the sales team about the product and its aims.

We are proud of the end result of nearly a year's work. Optic is an important innovation for Liberum and the whole sector.

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