After the flood Redburn IDEAS Quant App

Redburn IDEAS Quant App

“We want our new IDEAS SaaS to present complex ideas in a simple and intuitive way.”



The Problem

Customers were unable to fully access insights from IDEAS team

Our Solution

Ongoing project means users get faster analysis, multiple views, and the sharing of insights


45% more users across 50% more institutions

“Help us get our insights to more institutional clients.”

Redburn IDEAS is a specialist application for making and sharing equity valuations. IDEAS users gain an edge in their investment decisions by making new valuations and comparisons, which they can share or save for later use. We have an ongoing relationship with the IDEAS team, iterating the product with user insight through several development phases.

Redburn is Europe’s leading independent equity research and broking firm and its clients are asset managers and hedge funds in the UK, Europe, and US. One of Redburn’s products is a software application called IDEAS, which lets clients see Redburn’s proprietary valuation data and carry out a range of activities with these valuations – making comparisons, diving deeper, creating their own ideas, and sharing them across their network.

We dove deep into the world of equity analysis to determine the most important user needs. The resulting application is redesigned to provide tools that allow users to examine their hunches from multiple angles quickly.

The Problem

The principal challenge was one of usability. The original system was tricky to use and whilst research had highlighted areas for improvement there was no obvious solution for how to make it better. In addition, there were new features that the team wanted to introduce.

“After the Flood very quickly understood what we wanted to do at a conceptual level and were able to work with us to carry this forward into execution.”

Our Insight: ‘The Social City’

One financial client remarked that the City is 10,000 gossips and our experience of the broking world supports this view. The business of broking is a social one and therefore it is vital that digital systems should augment and not try to replace human conversation and contact. IDEAS help clients make ideas to discuss, share, and act on.

“After the Flood understand how The City works and the needs of the diverse groups within.”

What We Did

We spent a week in workshops with the IDEAS team to understand their clients, their business and brand, their data and, critically, what makes IDEAS unique. Together we came to the conclusion that the key valuation indicator of Estimates Momentum was the single most important feature and that it has potential to be a unique design element. From this insight we developed ‘the wave’ – a powerful piece of visual design that helps clients organise many stocks or be a marker for single stocks. We also found ways to help clients ask different questions of the data, get different perspectives, make complex constructs of their own, save and send.

In every project, we try to create bespoke visualisations that are uniquely valuable to the client. The Wave is one such element.

“In the weeks after launch, we’ve seen a 45% increase in new users.”

Our Sector Expertise

We were able to build on our substantial experience in the research, broking, and fund management world. Over the past few years, we have carried out many in-depth research interviews with people in both the sell and buy side to understand their workflows, opportunities and barriers. We have assembled a typology of investment styles which we now use across all projects to help us pin point product and personalisation opportunities.

“It tackles the market in the way that portfolio managers see the market.”

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