After the flood Getty: The Need for Speed

Getty: The Need for Speed

“Help us make our marketing process more profitable.”


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“Help us make our marketing process more profitable.”

What we did:

  • Increased campaign performance
  • Learned more about customers through experiment results
  • Integrated disparate teams in different time-zones, channels and regions through a unified experimentation process driving insights and messaging strategy
  • Created ROI and success stories for the customer insight team and CMO to share with the whole business

Getty Images asked us to help them make their marketing processes more profitable. We created new processes that allow teams to experimentally test marketing messaging at speed.

We mapped the proposition space and created models that represented the key facets of the product’s value from the customer perspective based on company interviews, content analysis and market benchmarking. This allowed the systematic exploration of these different themes of communication to focus growth experiments.

Meeting the Needs of Today’s CMOs

CMOs increasing find themselves responsible for a digital customer experience and many big data programmes. Our expertise in both allows us to kick start their operations, proving ROI as we go.

In at the Ground Floor

We work with our clients at their offices. No powerpoint presentations dropped from afar. We learn your business by understanding the history of the decisions and the reasoning that brought you to them. If we’re asked to build processes we need to understand the tactical relationships, knowledge, frustrations and aspirations of the people who will run them and then place these in a strategic context. We usually find that 75% of the answers to most questions our clients ask us are buried within their organisation’s data or people and this is exactly the first place we look.

Focus on Growth

We focus on understanding of the organisation, its customers, the market and the products within that market through measurement and experimentation. These systems are complex and we look for insights and processes that manage that complexity. This requires 80/20 thinking that focusses on the fundamentals of the business.

The Sum of the Parts

Our techniques are implemented and also taught to teams so they can practice themselves a combination of the below:

  • Product development
  • Leadership
  • Analytics

Brought together, these are the ingredients of how companies now run.

Speed: Implementing & Believing

Many organizations are using tools and processes that take months and years to execute. Everybody knows things should move faster, but it’s hard to know where to start.

This is what we want to change. Modern tools and processes allow digital businesses to learn and adapt to a changing market and customer within hours and days. This is a core philosophy for tech giants like Google and Amazon as much as it is for fast growing startups.

We’ve worked in teams where triple digit growth has been realised in a week, so we know this type of operational approach isn’t a pipe dream. But we also know it takes a series of precise steps to move large organisations in this direction. We’ve shown that it can be done and we’d like to show you how.

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