After the flood Robot Life Survey

Robot Life Survey

“There were too many of the little machines to count, but there may have been as many as a thousand.”


After the flood

“There were too many of the little machines to count, but there may have been as many as a thousand. The herd moved like oil gliding down a steel ramp, slowly and with its only apparent purpose being adjacency ...”

Big Dog

Nano UAV

Kilobot Swarm

Prints come in two sizes: 8" x 10" and 16" x 20"


What was it like to be the first western explorers to see whales, flamingos and iguanas? What is it like for twenty first century people to encounter robots for the first time? Are they friend or foe? Where do they come from and what controls them? Where do they fit with us on Earth? If we saw one tomorrow what would we tell our friends?

The Robot Life Survey is an alternative-history from design company After the flood, where mechanical intelligence is discovered by man, noted and painted for posterity and science. The explorer records their wonder and alludes to a wider picture and cast of players.

Our first expression of the Survey is three prints from a larger book to follow. The prints are a record from the field of what our explorer saw along with snatches of their written field notes. A larger book project will visualise more Robots, notes and ideas of this new world of physical, connected intelligence.

The voice of our explorer is written by Lloyd Shepherd, author of historical thrillers The English Monster, The Poisoned Island, Savage Magic, and The Detective and the Devil published by Simon and Schuster. Lloyd has spent many years studying the age of enlightenment and with a background in the tech industry is the best person on earth to breathe life into our world.


The larger project, coming in 2017: 
The Robot Life Survey Book

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