Based in Farringdon, London, we make digital products that show visual data.


After the Flood is led by Max Gadney. Prior to this, Max was at the BBC in London as Head of Design at BBC News Online and at BBC TV digital product commissioning.

Associate Director Nick Cross helps with strategic projects and digital transformation work. Nick brings a wealth of experience across many industries and businesses including Selfridges, BBH and Egg.

Our Core Team

Our core team of product managers, designers and engineers is complimented by experts bought in to suit the job. We work with people from a diverse range of areas such as finance, analytics, statistics, cartography, film-making, game-design and  journalism to name but a few domains.

Product Management

Key to any project is the product manager who develops and delivers work as well as being the client manager. Our product managers are well versed in Agile development that builds on the discovery  phase where we find the ‘big idea’ in your data and business. We will work with you to find the right degree of collaboration and feedback with your organisation as the project progresses from concepts, prototype, build, launch and monitoring.

Our diverse network

Our extensive network of collaborators has unique access to the global talent pool. We have a diverse network of planners, writers, designers and technologists who we bring together to solve your problems.